Q3 ANSWERED – What should I consider when submitting my writing somewhere?

Q3 – ANSWERED: What should I consider when submitting my writing somewhere? 

I have some finished writing ready for publication. What do you advise I consider in regard to submitting my work.

Rules for Submitting
Frank Beghin

  1. I refuse to pay reading fees.
  2. Rarely do I submit to magazines that don’t allow simultaneous submissions. I had one story tied up for a year and a half before it was ultimately rejected, despite assurances from the assistant editor that my story was well-liked—it just needed final approval from the editor-in-chief.
  3. I don’t submit to non-paying sites anymore. It’s great to be published, but being compensated for a clever story is more gratifying.
  4. Writing contests don’t interest me, since the fees are usually $20+. Depending on the number of contests you enter in a year, the costs start to add up. There’s even a calendar (for a fee) of all the contests that take place in the current year. Of course, I’m also a cynic so I wonder if the winning story isn’t picked based on the current motif du jour, and not on merit.
  5. I only look for places to submit my story now that have a printed publication, not just an ezine. (I want to hold the book or magazine in my hands once my story is published.)
  6. This is not a rule, but it is a preference: I like anthologies since I believe the chances for getting published are better. Instead of just one or two stories, the publishers are looking for at least a dozen.
  7. I like to go to The Submission Grinder (a free website) to get information on different magazines, such as wait times for a response. More than 90 days to get a reply seems excessive (especially if the magazine says no simultaneous submissions).
  8. I make sure I retain copyright to my story.
  9. I diligently read the submission guidelines of each magazine, and follow them before submitting.
  10. The above rules are not set in stone. There are exceptions.


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