RING, RING, RING….another scam

Ring, ring, ring….another one.

Watch out for this one.

Watch out….here’s another one, a phone operated scam.

When you answer your phone, the caller, a robot caller, by the way, rhymes off “Do not hang up your phone or else you will have all your information deleted on your electronic devices in your home,” or words close to that message.

Hang up. It is a scam.

No one can destroy any of your home electronic device information unless you have granted them access to the device. If the device is powered off, then you cannot even grant access.

Frauds and scammers are learning new techniques and improving the ones they have been using already. Your best defence against these people is HEALTHY SCEPTICISM. If you have doubts about it, get away from them, immediately. Hang up your phone. Do not engage them in any way. You will not outsmart them, so don’t try. You are just one person. They are a whole team of people who work their schemes every day, all day. They are not intellectual inferiors but they are thieves, sophisticated, experienced, skilled and intelligent thieves. But still, they are thieves. Get away from them as fast as you can and don’t let them get into your wallet.




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