FLORIDA WHIMSIES...: Sawgrass Mills shopping plaza…mauled by the mall

Just too much for a non-shopper; paradise for the wife.

Choice and variety: the selection of anything is infinite in Florida. Pick a product and American companies offer endless variations, numerous alternatives, unimaginable numbers of competitors. The variety of products is amazing. Retail is the god of the USA. There is a mall here in Southern Florida, near Fort Lauderdale, called Sawgrass Mills. This mall is so big, you really should travel from one store to another by bike, scooter or car even. Many of the stores are bigger than football fields. Just imagine the biggest warehouse store you have ever entered in Canada, now add more than 100 more to it, each butted up against the other. There is no way in heaven one can ever cover all these stores on foot in one day, in one week…maybe a month, visit after visit. Retail is king in the USA. To get an idea of size, Sawgrass Mills is more than 2 ½ million sq. ft. of retail space, more than 350 stores, more than 50 restaurants, from fast food to fine dining. The Texas de Brazil is one example of American food insanity; display your green card, and meat dishes keep coming and coming; display the red card, they stop…and an ambulance comes to take you away for the cardiac infarction! And Sawgrass Mill is just the 11th largest shopping mall in the USA. The largest one is in Bloomington, Minnesota, just for your information, more than 500 stores. Insanity?

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