Americans each believe they are wealthy

Americans think like millionaires, each one does.

Canadians who I know are very cognizant of prices. They know a good deal when they see one. Americans do not; nor do they care to know.

Food shopping in Florida is eye-opening, at the very least. A baking potato, $1 each. In Canada, a $1 can buy you 5 lbs of potatoes; at a promo time, 10. Americans don’t know that kind of pricing but worse, they don’t care about it either. Mott’s clamato, $3.99 US whereas in Canada the most expensive is $2.99 for the same volume.

Americans seem to not care about cost. Restaurant prices are through the top, dinner for two with a glass of wine each, nudging $100US with tip. Sure, it ain’t Denny’s, but who “dines out” at Denny’s.

Gas may seem cheaper, but you aren’t paying for the same volume. Convert it to equal volume and into Canadian dollars and you are about equal to Canadian costs. Why is that bad? Americans are now totally self-reliant on fossil fuels…but they accept being exploited by Big Gas, just as Canadians do. Not sure what one can really do here…but the American government will never step in to fight private business. In “America,” private business can do whatever it wants…true democratic capitalism.

Shopping in a grocery store in Florida is a true lesson in price gouging, price exorbitance and profiteering. But then, the retailers have rights, you know!

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