SEARCH ASSISTANTS: Ever struggle to find something on your computer?

When it comes to information on a computer, many people are better organized, more logical and manage their information better than I do. However, what I lack in those particular personal characteristics, I compensate with an amazing toolbox of search tools.

When I can’t find something on my computer, I use one, many or all of these tools in my search arsenal:

  1. WIN Search
  2. File Explorer
  3. Xplorer2
  4. Google labels
  5. Google search (in my gmail)
  6. XYplorer
  7. Directory Opus
  8. RecentX
  9. EVERYTHING¬†(the “sledgehammer”) never fails me and the last resort)

Yes, I have that many search tools. Kind of gives you a little glimpse either of my filing skills and my grey matter. However, it may take me some time to find something, after all when you have more than a half dozen tools at hand, just touching each one takes time.

The moral of the story is “I can find anything on my computer”….just give me time…and a scotch!

(I recommend ‘EVERYTHING,’ sometimes called, ‘Search Everything.’¬†
The image shows you the options from which you can select your download. Most PC’s use 64 bit installers.

It is a free tool, downloadable. Click -> EVERYTHING

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