So I was responding to an email today….

So I was responding to an email today….and I realized I was in the early stages of going crazy. I may be suffering from a variety of maladies:

  1. Memory lacks adhesiveness
    Things just don’t stick for long as I do my work. I may change screens and poof, by the time I hit the second screen, what I was thinking in the first one, has vanished;

  2. Distract too easily
    The corollary to #1 is that if I pause for a moment and consider something else, it becomes a rabbit hole into which I drop, deeper and deeper as my curiosity takes over the wheel of my data management;

  3. Too many irons in the fire
    I do too many things in my digital life, add that I have a real-life, with real responsibilities, household ones, wife todo’s, and it is no wonder I cannot remember a damn thing;

  4. Information overload
    Emails, website, posts, articles, creative writing, messages, notifications, computer advisories…just ask me if I am swamped with information, data and material. I’m in a typhoon of incoming info. I should be hunkering down in the trenches like a soldier responding to the life-warning cry, “Incoming !!!” Meanwhile, I hunt for more, ironically more information…about improving organization, better management of information, more efficient productivity….grrrr.

  5. Mental inconsistency of a hummingbird on amphetamines
    Today it’s called ‘milk,’ tomorrow ‘beverage,’ three days from now, ‘kid’s drink,’ a few days later, ‘morning beverage’….the naming protocol changes with the wind, as quickly, in as many directions and as often.

  6. Mental fluidity of a tsetse fly
    Ideas, thoughts fly through my head as quickly as a comet crosses the night sky. There, for a moment, flashed out of sight the next…and worse still, irrecoverable. 

So there you have it, the anguish of the aged, the mental consistency of a gnat, the intellectual erosion of a senior senior….No wonder that any email I receive asking if I saw their message becomes an insurmountable challenge, a mental Mount Everest of the mind to recall what the writer is asking about.


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