Me, me, me…the American way !

The USA is an incredibly egotistical, self-centred society.

Americans do nothing that is beyond self interest. They are totally egocentric.

They see themselves, each as fully entitled and fully empowered individuals. Carry guns…it’s a claimed right; infringe on someone’s property in some way…they have the right to sue; get into a car accident with one of them…they’ll contact their lawyer immediately.

They have rights…and they know them and will defend them, by the constitution, by law, by the court system, by firearms…whatever it takes. Your consideration, your rights be damned.

Consider this: a private home next to the condo in which I am staying has a dog barks constantly. Most often the dog is outside, barking to the irritation and stress of all the neighbours adjacent to this property. When the police were called, a caution was given to the homeowner and an advisory was added to convey the neighbourhood discomfort and irritation. The police justification for doing nothing more than advising the dog owner was that he had rights too and to charge him would be an infringement of his rights. A perfect example of American dominance by the individual. , Individual considerations trump group values or group concerns.

You see this egocentric philosophy in operation everywhere…want to wear your hair long, my right; pregnant and working in a fast food restaurant, my right; obese and wearing eccentric apparel, my right. I have the absolute right to be me, the American philosophy.

Don’t like it? See you in court!

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