ROSIE PROJECT, Graeme Simsion



Geneticist Don Tillman has failed at the dating game but he still wants to find a wife. The regular dating route has proven a failure in this quest as evidence by his failing to even get a second date. Hence, he decides a more scientific approach has to be undertaken in this very subjective, spontaneous, emotional matter. The hunt will now us the logic of science. The geneticist creates a questionnaire he titles, the “Wife Project,” for use in his search for a prospective candidate as a mate. When he meets Rosie, his questionnaire needs modifications, amendments, changes, endlessly.

Rosie fails the questionnaire requirements on many counts: she smokes, her diet is very irregular, she’s a fashion eccentric. However, Rosie is also on a search quest, trying to find her biological father. She believes Tillman’s genetics expertise may assist her with use of science, DNA testing.

Fun reading

Graeme Simsion’s debut novel is an entertaining and amusing novel with underlying serious questions: Can unique people be loved? Can one loving an eccentric be lasting? Can polar opposites attract and maintain a relationship?

Simsion writes a story which may have exaggerated plausibility. It definitely has hilarious moments as he develops his story about the growing relationship between Tillman and Rosie. At times, Simsion stretches the limits of logic and credibility but he always entertains.

Simsion’s message may be ‘accept people as they are’ or ‘there’s something lovable in every person’ but either philosophy seems very acceptable and he conveys his message in a very entertaining way.

The Good

The story has a unique plot which is developed entertainingly for most of the book. At times, the complexity and intricacy of scientific explanations skirts the edges of boredom, but for the most part, the story is fun and enjoyable. A unique and different story written very well. A pleasurable read.

The Bad

At times the explanations and some of the story’s situations are a stretch for credibility and plausibility but the writing is so entertaining, a reader will not want to get off of the literary ride.

The Ugly

When the explanations are too long, unnecessarily drilling too deeply in an effort to expand comprehension, a reader may become bored. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen often enough to detract from the overall entertainment value of the book.

Final Word

The Rosie Project is a fun read, enjoyable escapism to be read in the comfort of a chaise lounger under the shade of a broad sun umbrella with a refreshing libation close at hand. A nice way to spend a warm summer afternoon.


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