PEANUT ALLERGIES may become a thing of the past soon

Are peanuts a danger to you or other family members? Peanut allergies may be a thing of the past soon.

My nephew is so allergic, he begins sneezing when we enter a bar that has peanut shells scattered on the floor.

For those of us who do not have peanut allergies, the little nut is a treasure of yummy goodness. Lots of nutrients, high in protein and if you select carefully screening for excessive salt and/or sugar, they are a healthy treat.

However, people afflicted with peanut allergies can be at very high risk. My nephew even begins sneezing if he walks into a bar that has peanut shells tossed out on to the floor. His epi pen is never far away.

However, the Toronto Star has recently published a piece on a possible medical breakthrough. It may not be tomorrow that peanut allergy sufferers will be able to eat the nut, but it looks like a solution to the allergy is not very far off.

Read more at TorStar article on PEANUT ALLERGIES

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