JAGMEET SINGH is the new leader of the NDP.

Something is discomforting is happening in Canada.


Consider if these individuals were members of one of our political assemblies, municipal, provincial or national.





The demographic spectrum of Canadian society is changing significantly and Canadians will have to change their attitudes and acceptance of their fellow Canadians.

Canadians can take one of two positions in regard to politicians wearing symbols of their personal belief systems.

Each of the above photos may be of a Canadian citizen [ please: the photos were chosen for their symbolic value and not because of any gender bias ]. These could be politicians from Ottawa, a provincial capital or a municipal council. The point is that they could be politicians who are displaying symbols of their personal belief system while standing as public officials.

Canada is a free country and citizens are equal. We also adhere to the principle of free speech. The above individuals have the right to convey whatever message they wish to convey, a belief in something personal. The belief is important enough in their lives that they want to make a public display of that belief.

They are Canadians, equal to you and me. Embrace them as such and demonstrate your embrace, or rejection for that matter, by your vote in the next election.

The majority of Canadians wear clothing commonly worn by western business people, suits, ties, dresses, blouses and skirts, none of which are emblematic of any organization, association or a specific group. You may feel that politicians should not be sending a message promoting any cause or association while acting as public representatives.

Some people, PM Trudeau included, will view criticizing individuals who wear a yarmulke, a kirpan a crucifix medallion or a feather headdress as being divisive, as creating a gap based on hatred. Others will disagree with this, simply saying, a political office is not a place for promotion of personal causes.

Canadians are now faced with a very difficult social question: equality and freedom of speech vs. using public office to promote personal beliefs. This question has serious implications for how Canadians will live with one another.

You can show your disagreement with this happening the next time you vote.

[ This question has spilt over to other countries and other social areas, the NFL ( National Football League ) players who kneel or sit during the national anthem. Is it being disrespectful? Is it a personal statement promoting a cause? Is it justifiable free speech? Are they violating employer-employee relationship? ]

What do you think?


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