Do’s and Don’ts of snow shoveling for older adults

Be careful out there!
Snow shoveling can be dangerous but it’s got to be done. It’s the law for one thing. You could get sued, for another. But it can be very dangerous for older adults, especially those who are not used to being very active. 
Take precautions before you dig in with gusto.

Snow Shoveling Safety Tips
  1. Don’t just start shoveling. Warm up first. Walk in place for a few minutes.
  2. Don’t wait for the snow to stop falling. Shovel early and often. Break the task up in to smaller ones instead of waiting until the snowfall ends and then being faced with the avalanche.
  3. Don’t lift the shovel of snow. Instead push it to the side of the area you are cleaning.
  4. Don’t throw far away. Instead keep the shovel close to your body and use your full body weight, not just your arms.
  5. Dont stand stiff upright but bend your knees, saving your back.
  6. Don’t twist while lifting. Instead, turn your whole body around.
  7. Don’t be an Olympic shot putter, throwing the snow for distance. Instead walk over to where you want to dump the snow.
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