EDITORIAL: BEWARE the sleeping dragon…

China, the sleeping dragon may be awakening…

Winston Churchill is quoted as having said about China, “Beware the sleeping giant, for when it awakes, the whole earth will shake.”

The sleeping giant is waking
China is one of the foremost powers in the world. Arguably, it may be challenging the USA for the crown of the economic world. Militarily, it may have the crown supremacy also. It is a nation that is competing and challenging all others in almost every aspect of life and in almost every region of the world. But beware of this dragon.

Be vigilant about such giant dragons
Some are accused of human rights violations. Some are accused of eroding political freedoms. Some have been accused of eroding and corroding democracy as arguably demonstrated in the erosion of political rights and freedoms in Hong Kong, contrary to the promises made at the time of Great Britain’s departure. Some feel the sleeping dragon is guilty of violating safe and ethical labour practices in manufacturing, others feel the label of the greatest polluter in the world is a justifiable criticism. There are accusations of economic espionage, international spying and commercial theft. 

The entanglements and repercussions of the arrest of the CEO of China’s commercial giant Huawei have been followed by retaliations such as the arrest of two Canadians in China, now about to be tried for espionage.

The list of ethnic violations against minorities is another area of criticism, arguably justified and warranted.

Be aware of the sleeping giant
The numerous transgressions committed by the dragon, some very evident, some unproven and more subtle, some blatant, some subtle…all should be noted and watched. There may be valid arguments for close monitoring and ceaseless vigilance to safeguard security and safety well being of the world. No matter which position one takes, every country in the world should be vigilant about the awakening dragon.

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