Three habits that will help improve your life

Read, exercise physically, exercise mentally…that’s it !
Joseph Isieturugo, Success Builder, leader, coach and your friend.

  1. Reading: forming and maintaining the habit (consistency) of reading is key to making it big in life. Readers are leaders. A reader today, a leader tomorrow. Show me a man who’s consistent in his reading habit and I’ll show you a man who’s on his way to greatness. Reading is one secret of self-made millionaires. The rich invest their money in themselves (self-development) while the poor spend it on material things (luxuries). They seek to know more in their profession and business. They seek to become better at what they do. They dedicate quality time and resources towards self-development.

    Why reading?
  • It keeps you informed.
  • It gives you an edge over others. Knowledge is what you know that gives you an edge over others.
  • It keeps you updated. Abreast of current trend.
  • Keeps your mind refreshed. Keeps your mind renewed. Renewal of mind leads to life transformation.
  • Gives you a possibility mentality. Going through the experiences of others (and seeing how they succeeded amidst challenges) builds up hope in you.
  • Helps you leverage on other people’s experiences. Experience is the best teacher, but it must not be your experience. Make other person’s experience your teacher by going through their books and materials.
  • Keeps you ahead of others. When you know what people don’t know, it automatically places you on a higher pedestal (where you lead others). Amongst the blind, one eyed man becomes the king. When you’ve seen what others have not seen, you tend to act with more clarity and understanding.
  • Sharpens your understanding. It sharpens your perception to things. It changes your view about people and things.

  1. Physical Exercise: medical professionals usually recommend adequate exercise, sleep and feeding as the key requirements of being healthy. But unfortunately, exercise happens to one of such aspect of human activities that people pay little or zero attention to. They don’t see the need for it. The result it produces is enormous. Bodily exercise profited greatly. It fosters sound health. It keeps your body fit for your day to day activities. It keeps your body serviced. When an engine is overused without regular servicing, it breaks down. Physical exercise is one of such means of servicing the body. Making it your daily habit will keep you fit and healthy to live a better life.

  2. Mental Exercise: There’s no limit to what you can achieve if you make it a habit of exercising your mind regularly. Regular exercising of your mind profits greatly. Worry depreciates a man, but thinking appreciates him. A thinking mind is a growing mind. Minds that don’t think are like stagnant waters. Thinking enables you release unwanted or unproductive thoughts, ideas, concept, knowledge and receive fresh and useful ones. A greater percentage of individuals in the world do not think. They don’t put their brain to profitable use. The world is filled with people who never take out time to think about their life, their today and their tomorrow. They take whatever comes their way without taking time to reason why. It’s thinkers that rule the world. It’s those who use their head that go ahead in life.
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