COVA: Reading to escape isolation

Isolation can become a problem by elevating levels of anxiety and stress. Reading may help distract you from these negative emotions. Read can engage you so you think about other things as you read a book. Reading may lighten your mood. It may help to move your mind to a better place rather than worry and fear.

Reading is more than just a beach, holiday or vacation time pastime. Read anytime. Read to learn. Read for entertainment. Read to relax. Read to escape.

Read for free
Get a library card. Some libraries offer “e-cards” which are digital library cards allowing the ecard holder to borrow books digitally via computer, laptop, smartphone or iPad. Very convenient and very practical. Thousands of books are available to you. Even more if you join more than one library.

During the COVID pandemic, getting an actual library card in person may not always be possible. Search your library site or contact your library to explore the possibility of obtaining a digital card.

Two libraries we use are:

Pickering Library:  actual card
( Pickering, ONT )



Broward Library: digital card
( Florida )


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