Very disturbing news about prescription dispensing fees

Here’s some very disturbing news if you are a senior who needs prescription refills regularly.

Pharmacies may be cashing in on the COVID pandemic by restricting prescription refills to a monthly basis rather than retaining the 90 day intervals. The issue is that in changing to a monthly plan, the pharmacies are also charging dispensing fees accordingly. Seniors who used to have 90 day refills with one dispensation fee, now must have refills done monthly with a monthly dispensation fee being charged, tripling costs for seniors.

Our recommendation
Discuss the matter with your pharmacy. Some pharmacies opt out of the tripling of the dispensation fee but it seems to depend on the individual pharmacy. 

Shop around for a pharmacy that looks out for your welfare rather than profiting on its position as your prescription dispenser.

See the CBC story at DISPENSING FEES

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