Fall is here…add some FALL activities for your well being

McMaster University’s Optimum Aging Portal suggests some fall activities to add to your activity list for your well-being. We would like to particularly add WALKING IN THE COLOURS and JOINING A VIRTUAL BOOK CLUB. The summer is officially winding down, which means Fall is right around the corner! Embrace the change in weather and all the beauty and fun it brings with these fall activities that can boost your well-being.

1.     Get active and try yoga

While most gyms have re-opened, many fitness classes are still being offered virtually, which makes it easier and more accessible to try something new, like yoga. Yoga has many benefits including the potential to improve aspects of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. For older adults with type 2 diabetes, it can also help manage blood sugar and blood pressure. Yoga is an activity you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home, as it requires minimal equipment and can be modified, allowing you to work at your own pace and comfort level.

2.     Explore your creativity through the arts

Are you someone who enjoys expressing themselves artistically? The changing scenery provides a perfect opportunity to pull out your paintbrushes and create something inspired by the colours of autumn. If painting isn’t your thing, artistic activities like dancing, singing, or creative writing can also have a positive effect on your health and well-being, and help with things like memory, problem-solving and reaction time.  

3.     Grab your apron and head to the kitchen

Thanksgiving is coming, and pumpkins are soon-to-be in season! Get creative in the kitchen by trying a new recipe. Food activities improve self-esteem and promote a more positive experience of aging.

4.     Cozy up with a good book or join a virtual book club

Finally, consider indulging in a good book, or joining a fall book club, virtually. Reading can relieve symptoms related to depression and dementia and is a relaxing activity that can help reduce feelings of isolation. You can join a book club such as G.A.L. Book Club which meets virtually each month. For more information, contact their rep at zippyonego@gmail.com

Create fond memories this fall and unlock potential benefits for your health and well-being by trying out some of these activities. 

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