EDITORIAL: ASHE, McLEAN…remember them? They could be changed men.


Saul Alinsky was a Chicago journalist who created the 9 day theory…which is that no matter how big the story is at this moment, it will be displaced by a new one in 9 days.

Test out Alinsky’s theory. Mark down the biggest news story today and watch how it will not even appear in the back pages in about 9 days.

Want more confirmation:

Do you remember the story behind the two politicians Kevin Ashe and Bill McLean? If you do, you have a good memory. But notice that story is no longer in the news. It should be.

These politicians abused their positions. When the provincial/federal regulations forbade international travel, these councillors decided the regulations did not apply to them. They travelled outside of Canada, to the Caribbean  and to the US and then tried to deflect the stories with explanations of working from home, of sorrow and anguish over the death of a family member. Regular citizens had to abide by the regulations. These politicians were beyond them.

The two politicians are elected officials, elected to represent citizens and to fulfill civic duties responsibly, professionally and with integrity. 

Do you think these politicians acted properly? Do you really want to vote for this kind of representative? Your vote is important. Cast your ballot with careful consideration.

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