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Kyle McCord replies
[ Acquisitions Director for Atmosphere Press ]

What if you didn’t have to choose? I work as the Acquisitions Director for Atmosphere Press, an author-friendly, hybrid publisher. We combine the best features of commercial publishing with the good parts of self-publishing.

Is there anything with publishing traditionally? Not necessarily! It can give you great reach, and can take advantage of well-worn pathways to notoriety. Some of our best friends are traditional publishers! Unfortunately, though, traditional publishing is fraught with shortcomings, and it can be very unfriendly to authors, much like how music labels can take advantage of musicians. Here are some of the problems that often plague traditional publishing: long time from acceptance to publication; expensive author copies; limited editorial assistance; little say in cover design; little say in interior layout; little say in book dimensions; onerous royalties contracts; outrageous contest and reading fees; rejection rejection rejection.

Here are some of Atmosphere’s solutions to these problems: less than 6 months to publication; wholesale price author copies; dedicated editorial assistance; tons of say in cover design; tons of say in interior layout; tons of say in book dimensions; we take 0% royalties (yes, 0%); no contest / reading fees; no endless rejection—if your book is good, let’s make this thing happen. With these advantages in mind, we’re happy to be a better route to getting your book into the world.

Eva Henn replies:

Eva Henn, “Towards the Light,” considered the question when she was about to publish her first book. Here are the links to Eva’s replies:

ANSWER 1 – Eva Henn on Self-publishing vs Commercial Publishing (detailed answer)
ANSWER 2 – Eva Henn on Self Publishing ( short answer)

Scott Donovan of Friesen Press replies

Obviously, there are PROs and CONs to both SELF-PUBLISHING and COMMERCIAL PUBLISHING.

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Good day, everyone!

Both Traditional and Self Publishing services look different for different Authors.

Self Publishing has seen dozens, if not hundreds of technology companies join into the industry, with no regulations on the quality of services offered.

Traditional Publishing is looking for Authors with existing audiences and guaranteed sales, but offering fewer services than ever before.

Where do you fit, and with whom?

This article will help!


I’ve linked to our blog, with many more insightful articles on the industry.

Scott Donovan

*Please note, I am a Publishing Consultant with FriesenPress and this is not an official release from our company.

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