Towards the Light: A Journey to Freedom

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During 1955 and 1956, living conditions in Hungary were becoming increasingly oppressive. Economic conditions were worsening. Food queues had to be entered in the middle of the night. By the time young Eva reached the front of the line, often the bread, eggs, or milk were all gone. Society was beginning to feel the iron collar of a right-wing government tightening its stranglehold on individual freedom in the country. Eva’s father, an educated professional, realizing the inevitable conclusion was very near and that life for his family, his wife, and his two young daughters would be intolerable began planning their escape from his beloved country…..

Eva Henn, a senior writer, has published a heart-touching memoir about her family’s escape from Hungary during the Communist revolution of 1956. It is an emotionally moving recollection of days of terror and weeks of trepidation, followed by months of adjusting to the demand and challenges that came with the family’s move to Canada.

The goal in writing “Towards the Light” was to preserve her family history and leave it as a legacy for her children. She never envisioned that people would be drawn to the book as much as they have. The popularity of the book has increased demand for it. Some of the popularity may be derived from her book’s charitable dedication. The revenues from her book sales are redirected to assisting elementary school children at Escuela Juanillo in the Dominican Republic. But that’s another story.

Henn’s search for a publisher concluded that the service offered by Amazon’s Kindle, though an attractive venue, was not to her liking. Instead, Henn chose to publish her book independently. Increasing demands for her book persuaded Henn to reconsider her original publishing numbers. Thus, she has decided to print a second run of her book to meet the surprising new demand. However, she is still committed to redirecting the book revenues to assisting the poor students of Punta Cana, DR.

Read Eva Henn’s dramatic memoir describing her family’s incredible escape in her inaugural book, “Towards the Light,” a stirring narrative of her family’s tortuous and frightening escape from the Communist oppression that imprisoned Hungarians in the mid-1950s.

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To purchase a book:

  1. Email an E-transfer of $ 20.00  to

  2. Email Eva your land mailing address.
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