JAN 31 – It’s Saturday 5:12AM….

Rotzy rants about the truckers’ convoy and the related repercussions…justifiable commentary with which we fully agree….way to go Rotz’…and you do have the right to express your opinion!

It’s Saturday 5:12AM….
 ….as I get started on this week’s column, but before I get into what is probably….no, no, no….I’m saying ‘surely’, NOT ‘probably’….gonna be a major “F/N” rant’, I wanna give a ‘F/N” shout-out to The Little Brown Cow, which Miz. Jo ‘discovered’ on Facebook*tm on Thurs. Ho-LEE! They’re out on the Cockshutt Rd, just before the cut-off to the Rez, between what used to be John’s Shell and Hewitt’s White Rose, the latter being a good spot for ice cream on the way to Dover, and corn on the cob. The LBC didn’t exist in those days, but now the large, plain-looking, red plywood barn structure would be pretty hard to miss. They’ve been there almost ten years….always BIG on corn (COTC) and strawberries but yours truly doubts that ANYTHING from The Cda Food Guide isn’t up for grabs inside with a friendly staff (co-owners) willing to help you locate stuff as well as offering suggestions/preparation tips. So….SO….as the readership knows, Fridays are ‘no meal-fixing/order in/takeout day’, hence we were onto The Little Brown Cow like a hen on a June bug! and went with a ‘Sow Cow’ (which can be an appetizer or entree, depending on who’s slicing it), cooked Savoy cabbage and some sourdough bread. MMmm! Plus we also picked up some other stuff, including two Beef Wellington (individuals) for ‘headliners Sun evening! It’s a wonderful spot for ‘browsing’ as well and Rotzy spotted a rusty, olde farm tractor sitting there on our way out….”a Cockshutt” the lady called to us….”a 1946”! I replied “in that case, my Dad built it”! And I suppose there’s a chance he actually did have a hand in it .

We’ve Had To Make Some Changes….
….here at “F/N”HQ in regard to handing out D.O.T.W. (Dink Of The Week) Awards. Recent actions/reactions/non-reactions/over-reactions to any and all things COVID have forced “From Nakina” to make some changes to help cope with larger numbers. Of dinks. Having revealed that, we’re presenting the very first “F/N” Distinguished D.O.T.W. ‘Corporate Division’ Award to….’SPOTIFY’!! I know not much about them/it, but I’m aware they’re big, have a lot of money and somehow ‘provide music/entertainment to the masses’. But not Neil Young’s music anymore. The 78-yr olde Canadian ordered Spotify to remove ALL his songs from their play list….he’s Pro-Vaccine and Spotify’s not. This cost Neil a LOT of cash (in royalties) but he feels VERY firmly towards vaccine, masques and cetera. Thumbs up for Neil Young….and poop, s–t on Spotify. Then, Rotzy heard on Sat CBC 6:00AM News that Neil’s LONG-tyme friend/fellow entertainer/confidante Joni Mitchell tells Spotify she’s had it with them too….so a “F/N” Hip-Hip Hurrah for Canada’s queen of Folk Music. As to your average/normal/everyday/run-of-the-mill Dink, they have popped up everywhere, especially along highways Like #401. And particularly at #401 overpasses. Some made-at-home signs….like the D.O.T.W.’s from 4-5 weeks ago Sat afternoons over at the Lynden Mall. And FLAGS!! Alas….this new batch of Dinks has gone ‘Flag Crazy’….I even spotted a T.O. Argos banner….but none more popular than the red on white Maple Leaf. ”But why”??!! you ask. ”What’s the big all-of-a-sudden deal on patriotism”?? Well it says here that somebody said ”We’ve got to “TAKE BACK CANADA”. Another somebody repeated ”We’ve got to TAKE BACK CANADA”. Then dont’cha know they play ”Monkey See Monkey Do”. And to some people’s minds it’s a miracle….like a f***ing revelation! Like the first tyme you heard or read ‘Shit Happens’ on a t-shirt. Or Bobby McFerrin sing ”Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” And now we’ve got patriotism running wild all over the place. The roads, the rural concessions, the streets in the towns and cities, to the streets of Bytown (Ottawa), via #401 and it’s many overpasses. (*STOP right there*) This section of Highway #401 is known as The Highway Of Heroes! Referred to by many as ‘sacred ground’. Yet here are these people using it for their ’cause’….and I use the term ’cause’ frivolously/with tongue in cheek….are going the wrong direction….and they are NOT heroes. By a long shot. In fact, what happens if things ‘go poorly for them’ in Ottawa at The House Of Commons….as some people envision, some predict and others pray won’t happen. We’re talking about January 6th 2021 in Washington, DC. when a mob of self-acclaimed patriotic people attacked Capital Hill. When the dust settled….in truth it still hasn’t settled….the very foundation of democracy was damaged. Permanently.

”The Freedom Convoy”…..
…..rolled into Ottawa….Miz. Jo’s i-pod update as of Sat 11:00AM! Does that mean that soon they (the convoy people) will soon ”Take Back Canada”??!! But how?? Take it back from where?? Take it back from who?? C’mon….somebody’s gotta know! Can’t find the P/M? Fluffy is doing the CYA thing on a 5-day COVID sabbatical but he’ll not talk to a bunch of truck drivers anyway….he doesn’t like confrontations. Plus, he’s already scared s–tless at what Putin might do. Jeez. ”Take Back Canada”, eh? Well…..it’s now Sat 11:46AM and Miz.Jo has CTV on ‘LIVE’ in our nation’s capital….so it appears that whilst somebody(?) decided to ‘take Canada’, thankfully, Ottawa is still there! And (*as of Monday Ayem) they’ve had more than they can handle of all these loud, rude, noisy, illegally parked people…..a growing number of whom are nothing but filthy pigs!

Sunday 6:20AM….
….We made it through The Protest-Day One….Day Two has dawned sunny and still cold, yet Rotzy doesn’t know if the protesters were able to TAKE BACK CANADA or whoever it was that ‘took it’ initially still ‘has it’? Rotzy watched CTV coverage alongside Miz. Jo for what seemed like a “F/N” eternity…..Whoa! ‘4-5 hours of BBT….Booringly Bad Television’. ONE thing was/is clear….*the protesting truck drivers VEHICLES (Kenworths/Peterbuilts/Macs) are being USED as the VEHICLE by ALL the other groups protesting everything under the sun! Everything BUT ‘mandated vaccine’. Sorry guys and gals…..really, I am….hell, I worked in trucking for years, all different aspects, but your fate in this ‘protesting business’ reminds me of a George Carlin quote from some years back….”Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”. (*can I get an ‘Amen’ to that, please!!??) And, while we’re on the subject….here are the only three things you managed on Day One….OK? 1/ A protester threw a can of beer at a young CTV reporter, just missing the guy’s pumpkin by about 6 inches!! (a sign behind the announcer read ”Mainstream Media…Propagandists! 2/There were/are those among Your numbers who think it’s fine and maybe even funny to do an impromptu dance atop the Tomb Of Canada’s Unknown Soldier. At a vaccine protest. Pathetic behaviour. 3/ Defacing that wonderful Terry Fox statue situated on the Parliamentary grounds. I would NOT want to be the perp(s) involved in this ‘no respect/thoughtless situation’ and be caught by the Mayor of Port Coquitlam, BC….Fox’s hometown….because I’m quite sure the perps would be meeting their maker shortly thereafter!

*Thought of The Day…I am who I am. Your approval isn’t needed.

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