Celebrate WOMEN

March is Women’s Month.

You are invited to help us honour and celebrate all women this month.

Write about a woman you admire
Write a short snippet, 50-150 words, about a woman you admire and believe is deserving of recognition and honour, about any woman, your choice, someone in your family circle, someone you admire, a celebrity, a writer, a politician, even your mother. Send your piece along with a photo/image if you have one to zippyonego@gmail.com.

Your piece will be added to our honourees list and will be posted on the BOOKz, COOKz, NOOKz website this month giving these women the recognition and honour they deserve.

Send your text writeup to Richard at zippyonego@gmail.com.

On behalf of all the women who deserve recognition and honour for their contributions to each of us, to our society and to our families…thank you.



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