POPEYES (on Rylander, Scarborough)

I recently purchased some fried chicken wings from Popeyes…fast food, done well is the best way to summarize the order.
[Disclosure: I also completed a survey for a free piece of chicken and biscuit…the text of my concluding reply is below.]

  1. Old people need easier “directional instructions” for placing an order, particularly patrons visiting one of your restaurants for the first time. Perhaps an “idiot sign:” one that sequentially numbers the steps to order…1. select your menu item, 2. Place your order at the order counter, 3. Have a seat, we will call your order number out.
  2. Simplify your menu selections to reduce clutter. Old people are challenged by a lot of text, and many images….K.I.S.S.
  3. I have eaten at A&W on Warden in Scarborough from time to time. Their windows are sparkling; their interior is clean beyond description…. making the place very attractive for eating. In their case, the store is a bit cluttered with signage. HOWEVER…
  4. The bathroom at the A&W was spic and spam….any place that cares for its bathrooms like that, must do an amazing job of cleanliness in food areas. 5 stars for cleanliness.

I patronize the Popeyes every couple of months as my wife permits…I really enjoy the chicken. It is always prepared well, crispy, tasty and good value for the price. In Arnold’s words, “I’ll be back.”


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