Prediabetes? How to delay or prevent type 2 diabetes

McMaster Optimal Aging Portal has an inf0rmative post about diabetes and prediabetes, health topics very worth considering and monitoring. To read the McMaster page, click: McMaster Optimal Aging Portal

Some notes from the video:

PREDIABETES is having higher than normal or higher than average glucose levels. These higher levels are usually associated with diabetes patients.


  • Journalling: log or record food intake to identify and see an eating pattern;
  • Healthy eating: quality foods trump quantity of food. Work on weight reduction, activity increase, and an awareness of how these are affected in your daily living.
  • Regular monitoring of glucose levels: a glucose monitor 
    Such a device can be used to monitor glucose levels after and before meals, and after and before activities to assess effects.
  • Get professional help: have your family doctor refer you to a specialist, a nutritionist, or a dietitian.
  • Confer with the website: Diabetes Canada
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