Does Vaseline help with wrinkles?

 Luisa Fanzani, the beauty behind the story of real cosmetic products,

publishes many articles relating to beauty products and their true ingredients. One such story is about Vaseline as a wrinkles manager.

The Vaseline story

Vaseline is a brand name for petroleum jelly.

In its early days, Vaseline began as a balm for healing cuts, burns and other small wounds. In fact, it’s still recommended by dermatologists for this use today. Petroleum jelly is often applied to the skin after certain types of skin surgery as this keeps the wounded area moist, helping to prevent a scab from forming.

Vaseline is also a great skin moisturizer that can help you get rid of dry patches, soothe skin irritations, and protect your skin against external drying factors. It’s truly a “top of the line” moisturizer for certain parts of the body like elbows, and feet and great when used as a lip balm.

However, when it comes to our face, best to remember that Vaseline is a heavy-duty choice and may not be ideal for use as a day-to-day facial moisturizer. The same quality that makes it so good at sealing in moisture can also seal in less desirable things like dirt and grime we have left on from the day. It’s important to remember to cleanse your face before applying this step.

One thing Vaseline’s occlusive barrier will not seal off, however, are the skin’s pores. Contrary to a common misconception, the product is non-comedogenic — meaning it won’t give you more blackheads. Nevertheless, if you suffer from acne of any kind of skin ailment you may want to stay clear.

Vaseline’s recent comeback into our lives has caught on because of the TikTok trend referred to as “Slugging”.

Slugging” is a “K-Beauty”—short for Korean beauty—the term for slathering the face every night in Vaseline or another petroleum jelly-based product, such as Aquaphor. It’s the evening skincare step that, ideally, leads to another K-Beauty term, “glass skin,” in which the skin is so luminous and clear, that it resembles glass.

Slugging keeps the skin hydrated and the skin barrier protected, which is a huge pillar in the K-beauty philosophy (and skin care at large, we’d say). The “trendy” aspect seems like the product itself, slathering on a jelly balm until your skin reaches a mucous-like quality, but the point of slugging isn’t trendy at all—essentially, it’s sealing your skin barrier, with a cheeky amount of slug.

Vaseline and wrinkles – is there an anti-aging effect?

We all know that hydrated skin is key to a youthful look, and Vaseline remains the moisturizer against which all other moisturizers are judged due to its purity and efficacy. Might it have other anti-aging properties?

Petroleum jelly can make wrinkles less apparent because it’s essentially adding moisture to the skin, which softens lines, but it can’t actually prevent or reverse the signs of aging.

So, while Vaseline may TEMPORARY & SLIGHTLY reduce the APPEARANCE of wrinkles, it won’t help in actually reducing them.

This effect is not because of Vaseline, though. It’s a consequence of your skin is properly hydrated and moisturized.

When you apply a thin coat of Vaseline over a freshly cleansed face, it helps to lock water and moisture in the skin and retains hydration. Petroleum jelly is a strong moisturizer and moisturized skin is less likely to look older and the wrinkles would be less visible that way, but petroleum jelly alone can’t actually prevent wrinkles. If it is the wrinkles you are worried about you are far better off using Retinol, which is the most scientifically proven anti-aging ingredient for the skin. This however will also not make your wrinkles completely disappear. No skin care product can do that!

If any company at any point advertised implying that, it was a lie.

To slow down the process of aging and the appearance of wrinkles I suggest eating enough collagen in your diet from a whole food source, getting in regular exercise, staying out of the sun and reducing the consumption of alcohol and smoking. Treat your lifestyle choices first and follow up with a topical cream and serum and you’ll have people guessing as to your true age!

Article by Luisa Fansani
Skincare formulator and brand owner @ Luisa True Skincare

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