Vitamin D is an important part of healthy aging

Why vitamin D is an important part of healthy aging

Source: McMaster University Optimal Aging Portal

There are many health benefits associated with vitamin D. It can contribute to stronger bones, help fight off respiratory infections and regulate insulin levels. However, getting a healthy, daily dose of vitamin D can be challenging and a common problem for many Canadians.

Commonly referred to as the ‘sunshine vitamin,’ vitamin D is created in your skin in response to direct sunlight. During the summer months, getting your daily dose may be easier if you spend more time outside. However, it depends on factors such as time of day, cloud cover, and smog in the air.

In general, food is not a great source of vitamin D. However, small amounts can be found in some foods such as oily fish and foods fortified with vitamin D (including dairy products, breakfast cereal and orange juice). Many adults will take supplements to ensure they get enough vitamin D.

If you are concerned that you may not be getting a healthy, daily dose of vitamin D, consult with your doctor. To learn more about the health benefits of the ‘sunshine vitamin,’ read through our resources below.

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