A message from DAVE PICKLES, Regional Councillor Ward 3 candidate

Brenda and I have been married for 33 wonderful years now, we moved to Pickering to buy a home and start a family. We have enjoyed living in Pickering and it’s been a great community to raise our two daughters. I want Pickering to remain a place of opportunity to welcome new and existing residents and a place where we can afford a home and taxes and raise a family.

Our community, like others in the Toronto area, continues to evolve. Once labelled a bedroom community, Pickering is becoming more well-rounded and more urban. To me, we need to ensure we attract and grow businesses and jobs, and provide community amenities like entertainment and public institutions so that we can provide the best opportunities to live, work and play for families, for young people, and the young at heart.

Our daughters have their own homes now and Brenda and I are thinking that soon we will not need our single detached home, and may look for something smaller such as a condo, with less upkeep. Many of our friends and residents are in the same position. I want to ensure that residents later in life have housing choices and facilities that not only meet their needs but provide an active and social lifestyle. This includes community centres and programs, activities from concerts in the park to Pickleball, and an age-friendly city with park amenities such as benches and gathering places. I have already joined many of you in these endeavours but we need more.

I wear my passion for Pickering on my sleeve, as the expression goes. I have served the residents of Pickering for years, as City Councillor and then Regional Councillor Ward 3 and Deputy Mayor. I have been active in the community, responsible in my duties, responsive to residents, effective, and kept you informed. I have worked hard for you and this community. This October I ask for your vote to continue serving you and our City and Region.

Councillor Dave

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