ASHE: a message, candidate, MAYOR

A message from KEVIN ASHE,
Candidate for MAYOR,

What it means to me to be your Pickering Mayor

Each Mayor has a duty to their citizens – offering social and economic development as well as environmental sustainability. How we make decisions right now will determine the future of this city for the next three to five generations. For me, it’s always been a very clear priority that our environmental sustainability includes the management of both residential and industrial growth.

Work where you live!

Change begins at home. I am committed to the investment in infrastructure to ensure Pickering can meet the ever-changing needs of the future. Pickering has a diverse, innovative, and educated workforce available, pulling from the many post-secondary intuitions that surround our community. Engaging local employers and businesses as well as attracting new business will be my priority.

Our Seniors

Our seniors are a vital part of the Pickering community. They are our parents, grandparents, friends, employees, and employers. They are our walking historians, community builders, and volunteers and they deserve support.

Our City

Pickering is growing. Our population is expected to grow to over 150,000 by 2036. Our City is well underway with dramatic transformations taking place. Development is advancing for the Seaton Community, as one of the largest combined residential, employment, and commercial developments in Canadian history. With other significant developments, we are expected to lead the country in economic development and growth over the next 20 years. My vision for Pickering’s future includes improving public transit and ensuring an affordable and equitable tax structure for all residents.

“The residents of Pickering will always be able to count on me to represent the best interests of our city and its people. My deep roots in the community and long years of public service and business acumen, have equipped me to lead Pickering into an even brighter future.

Kevin Ashe

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