Source: BODYQUEST Physiotherapist
[Always consult with your doctor or a professional dietitian when launching a new diet regimen]

# 1 – Suggestions to help with weight control:

  1. 3 meals per day
    Eat 3 meals a day, even if small.
    [Food is fuel for the body and in burning will burn calories. Therefore, eating three times is recommended.]
  2. Fall favourite, corn
    Corn, a favourite fall food, should be limited in consumption as a starch that is very high in sugar content. [one or two cobs a week is a good limit.]
  3. Fruit
    Fruit should be consumed prior to one’s meal or a 1/2 hour after a meal. Fruit’s high sugar content is a problem that needs control.

  4. Carbs
    Carbs consumption should be reduced to a bare minimum and preferably eaten in the early half of the day.

  5. Protein
    One needs protein every day but again moderate the amount.

  6. Water
    Water, ideally 6-9 glasses each day, should be consumed throughout the day. Sip it instead of trying to drink your daily quota all at once at the end of the day.
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