Aug 8 – Disregard the incomprehensible parts of Rotzy missive…its a new computer problem.

Overlook Rotzy’s incomprehensive parts…he’s still learning how to use the new computer. These damn new fangled thngs tke lurnin ta fgr out.

In And Around 555 Harris Place
Hot or not….Rotzy’s got some stuff here at the Commune Gdn today that needs doin’, like pulling off half a dozen red and green cabbages….before they split (*see below); pulling off a row of Lincoln ‘Homesteader’ Peas….that s/b easy as they’re all brown/dried out and dead. This is/was yours truly’s first shot at peas in Brant’s Ford due to previous lack of space, but when my plot was enlarged for 2022 I had room for a full row of radishes AND the aforementioned peas. Well sir/m’am, the radishes did great and are into the second batch. The peas are the heck of me! More like a ‘Lada’ than a ‘Lincoln’! in spite of daily watering and adding plenty of bamboo ‘growing stakes’. The few samples….I won’t say ‘handfulls’….I did manage to try were small peas and pods, not at all sweet/tender or moist. Anyway, Rotzy’ll take the blame if I screwed up, but methinks I simply got a ‘bad batch’. Anyway, yesterday (Sat), in what they said ‘felt like 40-C’ Rotzy decided the cabbages were coming off, both gardens, hell or high water. And they did. Come off. Except for 2 or 3 ‘reds’ over at Hope CR Garden, which I only ‘popped’ rather than remove them. To ‘pop’ the plant you grip it under the bottom leaves and lift straight up, until the roots ‘pop’ then set it back on/in the soil, hence they still get fluids, but it virtually eliminates any more growth, a good way to ‘keep’ them. Needless to say, I was fairly drenched in sweat and what few passersby happened along had a ‘comment’ or two whilst passing, like ”are you ——- crazy?” and/or ”you’re ——- crazy!” Hey….they may be right….but methinks if yours truly still knows enough to come in outta the rain, and I DO….I also am capable to find the shade when necessary As well as locating some ‘re-hydrating liquid’. Like Perrier, lemonade or Gatorade*(tm). Or Bud Light Tall Boys. By the bye, I still need to clear the cabbage roots/leaves and cetera off the Commune Gdn. into one of those big brown paper bags that weigh 3 or 400 lbs when full….and it’ll also include the dead, brown pea plants, tho they weigh next to nothing and their accompanying weeds and ground cover’. So, a reminder to anyone happening along past Rotzy the gardener….if I’m soaked don’t sweat it….and if I’m NOT, sum ting wong….so fone EMS! Good gardening to you!!

Readers Write….
….and to say this fellow gets a ‘tad political’ in his some of his thinkings….well that might be ‘understating things’. You can be the judge. *Mice die in mousetraps because they don’t understand why the cheese is free. The same thing happens with Socialism. **Want to stop drunk drivers from killing sober drivers? Ban the sober drivers from driving. That’s how ‘gun control’ works. ***If socialism is so bad and capitalism is so good….then why didn’t the Ottawa-bound ‘Caravan’ go to Venezuela? ****The strongest/most powerful governments on Earth can’t keep a virus from spreading….but they say they can control the Earth’s temperature if you pay more taxes. *****If you don’t want to stand for the National Anthem perhaps you should give your legs to a veteran who lost his. That way a real man can stand in your place. Thanks folks….and keep ’em coming!!!

It’s been a dog’s age since we’ve featured a “F/N” ‘Quote Of The Day’ and I can’t know what might constitute one or even be considered to fill the honour, aside from humour….but Brandon (not his real name) my fill-the-tank guy out on The Rez, pulled off a goodie last Tuesday ayem out at the Kanata pumps. He was just about to present me with the receipt for $62.00 worth of discount Indigenous fuel when a newish, white, top-of-the-line Jeep pulled in beside us, causing Brandon to ask “why would you lay out $60-$65,000 for a vehicle, then the first thing you do is remove the four doors??!! Well….ahhh….ummmm….I dunno. Rotzy had no answer but I congratulated him on nailing the Q.O.T.D. and I wondered if the doors are equipped with air bags….not that would matter a damn if they’re home in the garage. Then I thought about being ‘T-boned’ (while ‘doorless’) by anything more ‘threatening’ than a Smart Car.

Thank You!
For all the kind words, thoughts, cards, emails and cetera for Miz. Jo., who went back into BGH a week ago today (Sun). Would that I could, I’d catch you up to date on what’s what….but I can’t, because I don’t know. The one thing that seems a definite is that she’ll be going down to Hamilton for a pacemaker…with all of last week rolling along at the pace of a glacier receding. A glacier in Antarctica. Like, hurry up and wait….you know? And late last week Nurse Denise (not her real name) told Rotzy the pacemaker is #1 on the list BEFORE they proceed with anything else….whatever ‘anything else’ might entail….and methinks the test(s) that came back of a ‘possible’ hip infection were/are ‘favourable’. In that case, the ‘negative’ result became something ‘positive’, if you get my drift.

Rotzy’s Still Getting Used To….
….the new ACER*tm PC and I somehow mucked up yesterday ayem with the ‘SAVE’ column, ‘losing’ a couple “From Nakina” items, as well as two hours labour re-writing/typing it! S–t. One thing in particular I HAVE adapted to well is the speed of the ACER*tm compared to the olde ASUS*tm….it’s about MACH VI! On the other hand, the ‘frustration’ part of ‘losing’ items is almost always the same s–t….NOT knowing HOW you lost it….and NOT knowing WHERE it went….with nary a “F/N” clue how to find it. (*note/explanation to T-Star Editor Eric K…’s coming boss!!)

Thought Of The Day…Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey, Along came a spider who sat down beside, And she beat it to death with her spoon! (Grim Fairy Tales)

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