Old age sucks. This is a new category that will explore and write about old age. Likely, every post here will be a criticism or a lamentation of some aspect of old age. So, the category is not for the faint-hearted or those who are thin-skinned. Such people should steer clear of the category.

For others, I will be whining about old age, whining a lot. It is a curse afforded to lucky people. I say “lucky” as people who reach old age are genetically, nuteitionally, physically “lucky” to have made it that far. Many of them consider themselves lucky to have reached that stage. Bully for them. Aches, pains, maladies, illnesses, and age-related disorders are their lot. Many of them consider successfully getting out of bed in the monring as a victory of sort. It may be, for some. 

The category for the most part will be whining and bellyaching. So be it. I made it this far which entitles me to say what I want. Don’t like it? Leave.



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