06 – A comment from another aging person; she’s not a happy camper about aging

Yes, aging is really that bad! I guess for some they are happy about aging eat right, exercise blah blah blah. Well I have eaten right walk 5 miles a day and took and still take very good care of my self. That sure as hell has not made the aging process at all good! This process is not for anyone who is a sissy! Its tough, and yes it sucks! I don’t know anyone else who ages gracefully! How gracefully can you be when your wrinkles are in places they shouldn’t be, everything seems like it shifts on your body. If you do look in the mirror it’s like wait who are you? Gray hair keeps coming, age spots, they are multiplying! Aches and pains have a mind of their own I mean it takes me 10 minutes to get out of bed. I actually (true story) sneezed when I was on the toilet and needed help to get off because I threw my back out. In my mind I feel 30 but my body thinks I am an idiot! It is all a process we never think about when we are younger. It didn’t hit me that I was getting old until 59. I am just starting out my aging process and I wish I could skip it. But it’s part of life. I sure as hell do not have to like it. Everyone ages differently and has their own attitude. I like to make fun out of my aging process, that’s about all I can do is to laugh about it!

Nina M.

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