Oct 24 – Voted yet? Ya gotta. Ya shoulda. Ya otta.

Gardening gone kaput! Some words in our dialoguing gone kaput too!

‘WEHT.’…Something New
This popped into Rotzy’s pumpkin last week (I know not why?) as I was digging up info on a “F/N” item I’d been working on, and I was ‘stuck’….even Google(*tm) doesn’t have ALL the answers….and somehow I’m thinking “Hey Toad, why not make this a regular/semi-regular ‘thing’ in the “F/N” column”? Get the readership involved….no, not another “F/N” Contest….just having some funn….you think? ‘WEHT’?….What Ever Happened To? Thusly, you might ask ”WEHT John Doe”? Name a person (famous or not), a place, a thing, an idea or an ideal, a dance, food….you name it. And send it/them here to “F/N”HQ…as many as you want, for Rotzy to include in “F/N”, OK? If it’s somebody/something/some place ‘obscure’, maybe add a little clue….but only a ‘little’ one. Here’s a few examples….OK? WEHT Bill Dana?…..and….WEHT Trini Lopez? How about WEHT Dennis Quaid? (he co-starred in the Steinbeck classic “Of Mice And Men”….as ‘Lenny’). WEHT ‘The Happening’? (Think about that one!)

WEHT ‘The Honourable’ (not to mention disgraced/lieing/cheating) Senator Mike Duffy (aka Beluga Head) from down east? WEHT ‘buck a litre’ gasoline? For that matter WEHT .75 cent a……..oh s–t, never mind. And WEHT to Kilroy? I mean, he WAS here! Lastly for this week….WEHT Bo Diddley’s money?? There ya go….have some funn….forward your (anonymous) replies/comments and as many of ‘your own WEHT’s’ as you want.

Readers Write…(more ‘curmudgeonly’ stuff, with a ‘Crusty’ edge)
Yesterday my little dog ate a ribbon and today it came out in a bow! Really….I shih tzu knott!!! *In regard to computers and the likes, check this…..”Sorry but your password must contain: At least 8 characters; Upper and lower case letters; A symbol or number; A hieroglyphic; The feather of a hawk; and a drop of unicorn blood. (and they wonder why Rotzy has trouble with this ‘teckie s–t’!) *Some days I amaze myself. Other days I put my keys in the fridge. *I hope that you live WELL into old age….to an age where the mere sight of you behind the wheel of a vehicle scares the crap outta people! *A close friend of my wife’s told her she was ‘having an affair’, so the wife asked ‘are you having it catered’? (Duh!) *And, on the ‘political/more serious side’ of things….did we not learn ANYTHING?….and please don’t say we’ve FORGOTTEN!….about the lesson(s) that ‘little madman from Austria’ taught us back in the 1930’s?? Looks like the answer is ‘no’. (*note….Crusty….you are absolutely (*see below) right! Or has the world chosen to ignore? Mouthing the words “nah!….not again!” Well, we the world stood by and watched, as the little guy with the dumb moustache, an even dumber haircut, on a ‘3/4 scale’ body….who was by ’39 a German/a Nazi….who planned on conquering the World. And we the World did. Let him. Almost. Hell, King George VI visited Hitler in Germany a short tyme prior to war being declared….thinking Hitler to be a decent sort of chap (loosely quoted). Now I’m damned sure The Ukraine’s President doesn’t put Putin on any pedestal but what about ‘everybody else’? In fact, Johnny Canuck is busy sitting on his hands whilst Putin decides when they will ‘claim’ the Cdn Arctic and ‘reclaim’ Alaska. **Ooops, sorry Crusty…..I got to ranting on your comment….didn’t mean to steal your thunder. Keep your funny stuff coming to Readers Write…..ditto for the rest of y’all.

Pulling The Garden Off….
is the term used by ‘people who grow things’ for the end of our growing season. Kind of a sad tyme for Rotzy because this land/plot/raised bed or whatever you’ve been working on since mid-May is Done! Finis! Until next spring. My #8 plot over at Hope CR is already ‘done’, however my area here at the Commune Gdn is NOT, and with Brant’s Ford enjoying 20 C plus temps to mid-week, the rows of carrots and beets don’t have to cower from Jack Frost, they’ll still be growing. But Rotzy declared, ‘they’re coming off Sat or Sun’. Well it’s Sat so pitter patter, let’s get at ‘er. Beets and (especially) carrots means digging as much as pulling and I’ll use my digging fork, then a hoe for the remaining weeds and a rake to clean up and bag the rest. My beets (Detroit Dark Red) did well and are plentiful….the carrots (Nantes Coreless) I’m not sure of as they’re pretty well covered up by fallen leaves but it’ll be a good mix of long ones and ‘baby/stubbies’ so I’ll separate and bag them. Then I’ll take my Mark Cullen*tm-Approved Hoe to any big weeds (so it’ll be easier to ‘turn over’ next spring) rake it all up, bag it….and ‘say goodnight Dick’! Until next May.

‘Absolutely’…. ….and other words that have ‘worn out their “F/N” welcome.’ You may not realize it (VERY few do) but Rotzy (tho it be far from a scholar angle) is really into ‘linguistics’….words, word origins, languages and cetera, and I’ve always been ‘really big on accents’….from Houston, Buffalo, Bahsten, Memphis, St John’s, Paree or Liverpool. Hell, IF I’d only got past Grade 10 (that’s like ‘IF my Aunt had balls she’d be my Uncle’) I well might have rec’d a Masters Degree from Queens or U of T?! But I didn’t. Get beyond 10. Anyway, it used to be that the people at Oxford, Webster and Funk & Wagnalls did an annual list of words that had become ‘redundant’, plus adding a few ‘newbies’. Well, Rotzy’s got ‘a couple’ axes to grind, OK? It was 15-20 years ago when ‘awesome’ arrived. Suddenly NOTHING was ‘great’, ‘super’, ‘fantastic’, ‘wonderful’, ‘amazing’ or ‘neat-o’ any more! Everything was ‘awesome’!! EVERYTHING! Even things that weren’t. Awesome. Make it go a-way….please! The next one is the 2-letter word ‘so’. Not the meaning of the word but THE USE of it. I mean opening a sentence with the word ‘so’. This ‘practice’ got going not even ten years ago! Yet it caught on very quickly! to the point that almost 80% of the ‘english-speaking world start their sentences with ‘so’ and they do it ‘on a regular basis’! Learn-ed people and dolts alike. Get it gone, Mr. Oxford!! And that brings me/us to my third….and current….’word whine’….the much ‘over-used and abused’ word ‘absolutely’. Which is basically used to agree with someone/something….as in ”you’re right, by golly”!….and responding with ‘absolutely’ may make you sound ‘smarter/more worldly/up the ladder another rung’. Hey! Rotzy’s gotta plead guilty on this one (*see above), just as sure as I’m sitting here! As good a spot as any to help Mr. Webster and the rest ditch/scrap ‘absolutely’!!

*Thought Of The Day…Never confuse education with intelligence. (Mark Twain)

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