01 Criticism of the election turnout

Thanks for your update – like you I am extremely disappointed in the voter turnout.  I feel that this would have been the best opportunity to express your concerns and wishes. Municipal elections have historically had poor turnouts, but it is getting worse every election.   Unfortunately getting the population more involved is also getting more difficult even with all the avenues of communication available.
I took the opportunity to do a very random poll of people I met and was equally disappointed in those responses.  The majority of my mini poll indicated that they just didn´t bother voting because they felt the outcome was predetermined – that is to say a foregone conclusion (yikes), because people generally vote for a name they recognize or the first name on the ballot.  Most had not even taken the time to look into the candidates and their views nor had they taken the opportunity to discuss election issues with the candidate.   
The other disappointment was that the debates that did occur were not as well advertised and the turnout seemed to be limited (I may be wrong on this, but just a point of view).
Thanks again for your civic diligence.
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