05 Is the world crazy or is it a crazy world?

Either the world is crazy or it’s a crazies filled world. You figure it out?

Hammer attacks of elite citizenry, shooting of gay night club patrons, schools shot up like target ranges….we are in crazy world or we are neighboured by crazy people.

Where’s the escape? What’s the solution?

Police cannot resolve or handle every single request for their help…neither enough manpower or not enough training. Many calls today stem from some “crazy” on the loose.

There is no answer. The world is deteriorating fast. Just look at the institution of democracy in the USA…it may implode because of the crazy polarization of political factions there. One American family I know can no longer celebrate thanksgiving as the family divide is so explosive there is a real danger of more than a turkey being carved up at the thanksgiving dinner. Can you believe that?

But the mid term elections in the USA will either confirm or redeem the fact that the world is on the brink of total chaos….watch for it.


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