Stuff I like (a bit of a sales pitch)

Welcome to an edition of “Stuff I Like”, where I talk about products, people, services or shows that I like.

Down to Earth Natural Foods

               This is a supplement store in Richmond Hill, where I’ll both send my clients who are in that area, and go myself to buy supplements. What do I like about them?

               Two main things:

  1. They’re not a big chain, so the owners are often manning the cash register themselves, and are extra helpful. You go to a big chain, and ask the customer service rep where a certain supplement is, and they’ll mutter under their breath and point you in the sort-of right direction, without ever making eye contact. You go to Down to Earth, and they’ll physically take you where the supplement is. No wasting time aimlessly wondering around, figuring out where your supplement is.
  2. They’ll ask questions to understand the reason you want that supplement, and may recommend a more effective alternative relative to what you were looking for. Even if the better alternative is lower-priced. Now that’s keeping the customer’s best interests at heart.

If you want to check them out, you can visit their site here.

James Alberto

               James Alberto is my massage therapist. I go to him every month for my dose of goodness. I’ve had hundreds of massages and dozens of massage therapists in my life, and James Alberto stands out as the hands-down best, by a mile.

               What makes him so good?

  1. He listens. He asks me what he’d like me to work on, I tell him, and he does it. Seems fairly standard, but I’ve had a number of RMTs ask me that question, and proceed to ignore my request.
  2. He asks about the pressure quite frequently, which makes sense, because different muscles can handle different amounts of pressure. Once he gets to a new muscle, if I say the pressure isn’t enough, he gradually builds it up, and asks me to tell him to stop when he reaches the right level. You’re basically crafting your own customized, perfect massage.
  3. At the end or our first appointment, he asked me for feedback. I had none. This is about as close to a perfect massage as I’ve ever had.

               James works both out of the Sutherland Chan clinic (on Leslie and Finch), as well as the Step Up clinic (on Yonge and King, in downtown Toronto).

Natrel High Protein Milk

               One of the most common nutritional recommendations I make to my clients and readers is to eat more protein. Especially since I work with a lot of older folks. And older folks have greater requirements for protein than younger folks. The great irony is that despite the requirements being higher, the desire for it is lower.

               Why do I recommend protein so frequently? Because it has tons of benefits:

  • Increases muscle
  • As I go into in my osteoporosis book, protein is the most powerful nutrient for bone-building(yes, more powerful than calcium and vitamin D. Surprised? Don’t be. I explain the rationale in my book – and back it up with lots of scientific evidence)
  • It’s good for the immune system

…and more.

               Natrel high protein milk to the rescue. Unlike most brands of regular, 2% milk that only have 9 grams of protein per cup, Natrel’s High Protein Milk is 18 grams per cup. But the taste is no different.

               So for folks who have a hard time getting enough protein in their diet, Natrel’s high protein milk is a great solution. I only saw it in grocery stores very recently, and have been recommending it frequently since then.

               You eat oatmeal, and put milk in it? Add high protein milk. You eat breakfast cereal, and want to make it a little healthier? Use high protein milk. Very versatile.

A bit of a sales pitch now….

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