11 – We can’t handle change. Anything new befuddles us!

I hate change. I am almost beginning to hate going out. Seems like things are changing everywhere, every day.

I was in the pharmacy the other day. When I took out my credit card to swipe payment, the card machine was different. White, not black. A really bright screen but no symbol for tapping. Stumped again as something new popped up again.

I looked up at the clerk and asked, “Where do I swipe?” “Just tap the front of the device,” she replied. I bent over to look at the front of the machine and sure enough, there they were, at the front of the machine. Tap and bingo, receipt starts coming out.

I hate change. Parked my car in front of my favourite deli, Kmicic, a Polish deli that had great selections from sausages to paczki (Polish donuts). In front of the store, an A-frame standing sign promoted the “new store”…Zabka. “Zabka?” what the hell is that? I looked up at the storefront and sure enough gone, “Polish delicatessan,” replaced with “European delicatessan.” At risk of being xenophobic, what European country uses ‘Zabka?’ What does Zabka even mean? “Kmicic” was bad enough but Zabka….omigod.

Then I entered the store. That’s another story. Don’t people recognize that somethings are better unchanged. If it ain’t broke, ….

The store layout? Changed. Changed as much as they could change it. They couldn’t easily move the refrigerated displays. But the dry goods shelves, all rearranged. Now I had to walk around the new layout to find what I easily found before.

Grrrr…I hate change.


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