17 – Long COVID, DEMENTIA, MEMORY LAPSES…worrisome and bothersome

It may be misconceptions, self-delusion or just erroneous thinking but lately, there are things that bother me much more than ever before:

  • I feel I am aging faster than before;
  • I forget things much more quickly than before;
  • I cannot recall things as well as I used to;
  • Relegating things to my memory doesn’t guarantee they’ll be there when I call on them again;
  • Comprehension seems to be slowing down and less likely to complete successfully;
  • I can’t remember many things that happened recently, who I spoke with, or what we talked about:
  • Some recent occurrences seem to be beyond my memory’s long-term retention capabilities.

Noticeable incidents in my life occur from time to time, likely factors of aging. Still they are worrisome and bothersome. A wonderous process of this aging, each day a completely new experience even if some things look like they were done before.

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