Dec 6 – Car probs, convalescence probs, counting probs…

Rotzy’s got it all covered as he writes about Edna, Mz Jo and countin’ on one’s fingers…

Edna The SUV….
….is….as they/we used to say back in the day….’running like a top’. Our 2015 Equinox has received a lot of ‘attention’/$$$’s in the past month or so, after basically having been ‘retired/semi-retired’ since we landed here in Brant’s Ford 4 years, 2 months and 5 days ago. ‘Parked’….as Miz Jo eventually decided to hang up her keys/retire from ‘big city driving’, having much preferred getting around on gravel logging roads in and around Nakina where she didn’t have to be concerned about traffic lights, more than two lanes of traffic, bicycle lanes, heavy traffic and/or parking. (*in Nakina we didn’t ‘park’ our vehicle per se….we just ‘left it’….wherever….until we needed it again. Hence, Edna landed on parking spot #132 here at Harris Place. When it did move, Miz. Jo became Miss Daisy and Rotzy The Driver….minus the ‘chauffeur’s hat’. Yours truly’s vehicle of choice was Norm The Truck a 2007 Nissan 4×4 pickup. We sold Norm nine months ago and Edna came outta ‘semi-retirement’, with a mere 30,000 k/m’s on her. (for 3 years prior it was just a ‘now and then Miss Daisy drive/trip’) By the bye, I sold Norm because Rotzy can’t drive two vehicles at once and Edna won the Who Stays? vote. She did fine for 6-7 months, then she ‘didn’t want to stop’….and that can be problematic, if you get my drift. So….SO….in to see The Midas Man, but instead it was The Midas Woman, who said ”you need brakes, sir….all around”….and I did!. Need brakes. Done….big chunk of cash and Rotzy damn near went through the ****ing windshield first tyme I ‘applied them’. Then last week Edna developed a ‘scraping sound’….one of our neighbours even noticed it from her balcony….a bent ‘wheel dust plate’ likely from Rotzy ‘driving over curbs’. Whilst there, the Midas Mechanic Guy noticed my Stabilizer Bar….aka the Sway Bar….was ‘not good at all’. They installed it a couple days later and now Edna ‘runs like a top’ (*see above), almost like BRAND NEW! There was ONE more thing Edna needed. You see, Edna has ‘nuts’!! Really. On her wheels. And she needed twenty of them! The BIG chrome nuts that GM puts on their vehicles, the FANCY/SCHMANTZY/SHINEY nuts. The ones that cost $7.50! Each. You know HOW MANY nuts Edna has? 20…..yes, TWENTY! Do the math. S–t. As to the sway bar….it steers/handles better than EVER and is SO damned quiet Rotzy’s thinking the original one wasn’t installed properly, a ”Friday afternoon special” as we used to say at GM Oshawa. Never mind, Ford, Chrysler and all the ‘imports’ do the same. BTW….Edna already has her Xmas present….she got Xmas Nuts!

Update On Miz. Jo
Firstly….thanks for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. For the unknowing, she went into BGH in the early ayem Monday Nov 21st with a severe case of pneumonia, initially listed as ‘Critical’. And she certainly was. Critical. Now altho there has been ‘some improvement’ in her condition, she is ‘not out of the woods’ as of yet, which is largely due to a bad blood infection and to date various antibiotics haven’t had a positive effect. But Rotzy’s noticed ‘some improvement in her overall condition….like her appetite, which seems to be returning! She had chili con carne last night for supper! and ‘LIKED IT’!! And that’s coming from the lady who made ‘the best con carne in Nakina’. Miz. Jo met with the dietician yesterday morning and they made some changes in her menu….yes, chili is on the new list. Whatever. She needs to get some weight back on. And methinks Rotzy can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks again. (*Update* Jo Ann was quickly/out of the blue transferred one floor up to #6 at suppertyme Sat (which they totally ‘forgot’) as BGH declared a COVID outbreak….methinks 13 cases confirmed and I think they landed on #6. Of course….no visitors. The tunnel light might Lovely.

W E H T ?
A GOOD one today, with an assist from ‘The Shift’, Global Radio’s nighttime talk show which originates in Calgary and Vancouver….Greg Fish was talking with guest host Rob Fay about the scientific ‘prolonging of life’ for days/weeks/months/years/decades/centuries/forever. It’s a fascinating topic/thought….if you think about it a while….basically ‘freezing the brain’ of a person at the moment their death….or as close to it as possible….with the ‘plan’ being to ‘re-start it’ somewhere down the road. Of course they use/welcome ‘subjects’ with VERY HIGH/MENSA-like IQ’s (*Doug Ford need not apply!) ‘Athletes’ were also mentioned as potentials candidates for said program, of course it would be their superior athletic ability on the playing field/in the arena that would hold the scientists interest. So….SO….*What Ever Happened To Ted Williams Brain? The former Boston Red Sox baseball player, aka ”The Splendid Splinter’ passed away from cancer some years ago….20 or more? Hey, no matter…the slugger had ALREADY made arrangements to have his grey matter put on ice until someone decides to bring you back to Earth. That’s ‘the downer part’ of it all,….YOU don’t flip the switch….how CAN you? you’re DEAD, remember? Hence, with THAT being the way you get re-activated….by others….how in hell could the entire Bosox Nation of fans/the Fenway Faithful, ‘sit on their hands’ through all of this past disaster of a season??!! Sucking the hind teat in the ALCS East/all but eliminated from the playoffs in early July!/with visions of ‘The Yaz’ and ‘Big Papi’ dancing in the heads of The Grand Old Lady’s faithful. Goodness me! With The Splendid Splinter sitting in the ice box of some scientist’s lab. Imagine. Take me out to the ball game.

Readers Write….
….and today it’s Reg (not his real name)….with a fine sense of humour for an olde guy. Check ’em out; *When I lost three fingers on my right hand in a freak accident at work, I asked the doctor if I’d still be able to write. He said ”Probably, but I wouldn’t count on it”. *Anyone who says ‘their Wedding Day was the best day of their life’ has clearly never had TWO candy bars drop down at once from a vending machine! Great stuff!! Keep ’em coming folks!!

*Thought of The Day…I can scarcely believe that we haven’t achieved world peace after changing the name on pancake boxes and syrup bottles…..or….after changing the name of a football team from the Edmonton Eskimos to the Edmonton Elks! Like, why not?

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