HEARING: Review of the audiology clinic attended

A 5 star review has been withheld or delayed at the moment as I have had my hearing aids for less than two weeks. It is too soon to give a full review.
However, based on my experience thus far, EXCELLENT.

More importantly, the audiologist, EDDY CHOW, is excellent in his work. Professional, personable and most accommodating. This man is amazing in his respect for the client, gently asking if he may do this or do that without any assumptions relating to the client. He is patient beyond description asking if you have questions with no limit to them. He treats every question as being important and needing a full answer. He is most reassuring and comprehensive in dealing with limitless aspects of hearing problems and hearing devices.

My model, the SIGNIA 5x SILK, feels like it may be the Cadillac or Porsche of hearing aids. And with EDDY in the passenger seat, I feel like Michael Schumacher is coaching me. The device is an in-canal model, practically unnoticeable to anyone speaking with you. It seems to do as all that one expects, in every situation I have experienced thus far. For more details about my experience with these hearing aids, visit www.szpin.ca where you will find a whole series of articles about hearing assistance.

Read my website for more details, www.szpin.ca, about financial assistance. EDDY explains this in detail and emphasizes that service includes a 3-year full warranty with the only impact being a $25 shipping charge if something needs to be returned.

At this time, I cannot give a final word other than I am very satisfied with the devices but even more than satisfied with the professional service, EDDY CHOW, that comes with it. Now, I am in my exploration and evaluation stages and optimistic I will be positively surprised by each situation.

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