LIFE: 7 healthy habits to develop

  1. Eat moderately
    Likely the key to healthy living.
  2. Drink water
    Water is essential for your body. Any other liquid is not a substitute.
  3. Do not skip meals
    Hunger has a purpose. Be attentive to it and respond appropriately.
  4. Skip junk food/snacks
    Pass all of them. They are slow killers that take destroy your health, eventually.
  5. Control the food portions
    Eat a reasonable amount, no more, maybe 80% of what you think is the right amount.
  6. Maintain regularity
    Bowel movements are a necessity of life. Try to maintain a regular bowel routine.
  7. Excercise moderately
    If you’re not physically active try to incorporate moderate exercise into each day.
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