Wk 3-16-23: Cards, cards, and more cards in your wallet

Have you been at the grocery check-out and been asked if you have a loyalty card? Yes? No? You may already have one, two, or three of them. Or, none. And asking yourself” what’s that?”, “How do I get one?”

When you apply for these cards, you will have to provide some personal information such as your name, e-mail address.

These loyalty cards are free and provide useful cash-back rewards.

Three very popular loyalty cards:

Air Miles
Air Miles has been around for possibly the longest time. At specified locations, for every purchase or product promotion you earn “AMs”. Then, 95 AM accumulated equals a $10 value which can be redeemed in merchandise at check-out. A popular us is applying these reductions at the Shell gas pump or at the Metro grocery store. Once signed up, you will learn of other participating merchants.

PC Optimum card
PC Optimum card is used by Loblaws and its affiliates such as No Frills, Superstore, and Shoppers Drug Mart, among others. Once signed up for the card, a weekly email is published with special offers for the cardholder, along with promotional discounts offered that week. Over time, an accumulation of 10,000 points will earn you a $ off your grocery bill. As an example, 2kg of sugar this week is offered for $1.99 accessed through your PC Optimum card.

Scene is the latest loyalty card adopted by a grocery chain such as at FreshCo grocery stores. Similar to the PC card, points are accumulated through the purchase of specifically offered products. The points accumulated can then be redeemed to reduce your overall grocery bill at checkout or applied to a ticket at Cineplex.

There’s no hurry to accumulate points but you just have a card to take advantage of the offers that suit you. Before you know it, you’ll have accumulated a $10 point value, and voilà…a lower grocery bill.

By the end of the year, you would be surprised at the dollar amount you’ve actually earned through points accumulation and redemption.

These cards are worth using for your shopping advantage.

Keeping more money in your pocket as you shop…

Savvy shopping everyone!

Savvy Shopper


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