EDITORIAL: *** QUIT DOING FREE SURVEY INPUTS *** Demand compensation for those online survey requests

Are you tired of doing those online surveys that promise they’ll only take a couple of minutes and doing them for free?

Stop doing those online surveys for free. Tell them you’ll respond if there is something in it for you.

These companies are exploiting your energy, your time, and your input for their profit. They build up their data with your information and then develop ways to profit from your input. They earn from your work; you earn nothing. Demand a change.

Rather than letting them benefit from your work for free, demand something in return, some kind of compensation for doing their surveys: free use of their app, an extension of your subscription, a reduction to the cost of their subscription, a reduction in the price of their product. Demand something. Why should they benefit from your work without giving you anything in return?

The next time a company sends you an invitation to complete a survey for them, ask them “What’s in it for me? What are you giving me for my time and effort?”

If you don’t demand something for your work, you are no better than a free labourer. That kind of exploitation was eradicated when slavery was abolished. You have something to gain, nothing to lose by asking for compensation for your work.

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