5 EASY WAYS to navigate my website, The Szpinner


My website consists of sections that need your input:  CLICK, SELECT or TYPE.
[Sometimes you may have to refresh your browser (in Google) by clicking on the symbol found at the top left of your browser:    __________________________________________________________

The MENU     
This is the primary way to navigate my site. The MENU BAR has lists of categories with flyouts to subcategories.

  1. Hover over a title to view the categories listed;
    Pausing over a category will flyout any subcategories.

  2. To select a category,  Slide down  the list and CLICK on your choice.


The SEARCH tools

TYPE your topic in the search box.



CLICK small down arrow for CATEGORY; click your choice.






Widgets are small sections dedicated to what is displayed. They are found on the right side of every page. CLICK on the Widget to access.


A short list of our most recently published posts is listed below the banner shown above. CLICK on the post you wish to access. __________________________________________________________

Those are the main ways to navigate my website.

Sometimes if the website seems wrong, try reloading, refreshing the website.

I hope you enjoy exploring my site and please remember your donated support via eTransfer would be greatly appreciated.

If you need help, please contact me at zippyonego@gmail.com

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