EDITORIAL: T**** an outright threat to democracy

This politician is an outright threat to democracy in the United States. Anyone supporting him needs to do some serious introspection and self-evaluation.

Dan Rather, American news and columnist emeritus continues his efforts to report the news and defend America’s democracy in his co-written column “Steady” It is essential reading if you want to read well-written and intelligent commentary about American politics.

His most recent column, “Trump 2.0” is excellent. It is on the mark in its clarity about the threat to American democracy posed by T**** .  This level to which this man will stoop knows no limits. Heaven forbid the possible state of deprivation the US would be in were it not for the safeguards of its laws and constitutional guarantees. T**** declares openly how he would violate and crush American safeguards in his vindicative vengeful attacks on his opponents.

Read Rather’s outstanding description of the threat T**** poses to American democracy. The Rather piece is based on researched authentic facts. They can be found on the Internet and in media records. Pity the United States…they are on the precipice of another civil war and in their gun-toting environment, it may escalate beyond being a verbal battle. It could be an armed battle. 

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