POLITICS: “Junior’s on the ropes”

The boy is on the ropes. From the looks of his face, either he seems to not care or more likely, he recognizes the polls have no real value this far away from an election. He has a year to come out swinging and we know he is a great campaigner. So you Trudeauites, don’t give up hope. But you should be worried and hope he starts swinging pretty soon.

POLL (2023_11_12 22_15_03 UTC)

The polls may not mean a hill of beans but they sure look scary. Poilievre is an untested commodity but worse, he is constantly showing T****-like features, extreme right, authoritative declarations, announcements and policy declarations that smack of dictatorial colours. He is a scary commodity but people are touting him like he is the ‘second coming.’

Take a look at these LEGER polls. Trudeau is deader than a door nail with these polls.

leger 2
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