A flockin’ mess of birds

Snowbirds flock south to escape Canadian winter!

Florida really is the sunshine state with Canada’s June temperatures in February and Canada’s July temperatures in March, Maybe global warming trends are wreaking havoc on consistent Florida winter temperatures but so far, this winter is living up to Florida’s good reputation. We hope for its continuation this way.

Snowbird migration
However, one thing that global warming does not affect is the annual migration of the Canadian snowbirds, myself included. You’re wondering how did I decide to join the migrating flock after rejecting such a trip for so many years. Easy, last winter ‘the Fermo’ and I never exited the house for three weeks straight because the temperature never broke -15C…three weeks…’the Fermo’ would not venture out the back door even when his bladder was as pressured as the Goodyear blimp. He had to be forced out but and needed no coaxing to come back into the house. That convinced me, “next year Florida for the time of winter’s worst.” Needless to say, we found a place. Today, 83F…yesterday 88F. We’re shivering…with joy.

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