All European church bells rang at noon today thanks to Hungarian bravery and courage centuries ago

For those lucky enough to be in a piazza, a central city square, in any European city at noon today…..

You would have heard church bells ringing, in every Church, in ever European city. 

They were not ringing for any religious reason, no religious holiday, no religious festivity. They were ringing to commemorate a military event, a victory in commemoration of the Hungarian peasants and poor defeating the military might of the Muslims, the Ottoman Turks. This horde of conquerors planned a massive invasion of Europe in 1456. With supreme confidence they begain their invasion in Hungary. Big mistake!

The Hungarians, the unarmed peasants, blacksmiths, tailors, tradesmen and poor, led by a Transylvanian warlord, John Hunyadi, and a 70 year old Franciscan friar, John Capistrano, put up a fight, an illustrious fight, a glorious fight against an undefeatable force of more than 50,000 confident Turks. 

On July 22, the Turks recognized they had been defeated by the nationalistic fervour and Hungarian passion for survival. The remaining Turks and their sultan leader retreated and gave up dreams of conquering Europe. Hungary had saved Europe.

Today, the Hungarian victory is commemorated by all the Churches of Europe ringing their bells at noon in honour and gratitude of the courage and sacrifice of the Hungarians of Belgrade.

Read the full account:  SEIGE

Source: Maria P.

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