Apr 19 – CARPing about more than just fish, COVID and ZOOMER 740am

Rotzy’s ‘carping’ about correcting his erroneous loquations of the past.

Corrections And Stuff
            Firstly, for those who’ve been keeping track, and waiting for the final word from me finding my FIFTEENTH Easter Egg. Well….in truth yours truly had already given up looking a couple weeks back’, but alas, last Thursday just about noon, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly (not her real name) our cleaning lady found it as she was doing her (always thorough) dusting behind a picture frame on the hutch!! I ate it and of course look forward to Easter 2022….tho I expect COVID will again masque any widespread celebration. (*see below) **A couple weeks ago I was dumping on the Texas Rangers MLB team for allowing a ‘sell-out’ of the stadium in Arlington Texas for their home opener vs the Toronto Blue Jays, whilst ALL other teams restricted their numbers. Rotzy had said the crowd would number 80,000. Close, but not really….my ‘info source’ was way off. Hence, it was ‘pointed out’ by the readership that the Arlington park only holds 40,000. ‘Only’? S–t. Hey, do the math….that still means there were 80,000 sweaty armpits gathered in the same place at the same tyme! And as I watched the game, it would be stretching things to convince viewers that MAYBE 5% of the crowd….I make that to be be 2,000 out of 40,000….were wearing COVID-protective masks. But that’s in the USA….in fact, deep in the heart of Texas. Then, yours truly was/is advised by the readership (backed up by figures and percentages) that Texas….unlike Canada, where the procurement AND dispensing of the vaccine(s) has been/still is absolutely pathetic….already had some 80% of Texans vaccinated, and a goodly percentage of them twice. OK, OK, OK….I stand corrected….point(s) duly noted….and the good thing is that the Blue Jays won that game, spoiling the Rangers 2021 Home Opener.

More Stuff
            *A couple good/unexpected things happened last week, one of which took place at Zehr’s Market….actually in the Fish Dept….where I spotted a package of Atlantic SMELTS!! It’s been years since an old friend in Nakina used to do an annual trek with some others down somewhere at/near Lake Nipigon and return with 5 gal pail(s) full, with Miz. Jo and Rotzy always getting a couple or three good feeds. I wasn’t sure about smelt from the ocean, but at ‘50% Off’ the pack cost about $3 bucks. Excellent!! Even without salt. Gonna get some more! **Another reader said he’d heard/read something about people getting the Pfizer vaccine perhaps needing a THIRD shot but he couldn’t/wouldn’t (shouldn’t!?) verify/expound on it. Neither will “From Nakina”, thank you. Miz. Jo and the olde guy get our #2 Pfizer in July. But, that said, if we do get told that #3 covers malaria, whooping cough, scabies, rabies and has a distemper booster, Buster….I’m in!! Woof! Woof!

Rotzy’s All CARP(ed) Out!
            Not CRAPPED out. CARP(ed) out, as in The Canadian Association of Retired People….the group that dominates the airwaves at Zoomer 740AM, methinks it’s kinda like a club for oldsters that more oldsters are regularly encouraged to join. Sort of like the CAA and/or A/A, tho CARP don’t come to start your SUV when the battery’s dead or help you to quit drinking. I knew nothing about CARP pre-COVID but they have REALLY become ‘politically involved’ regarding where and how seniors live and are cared for….or perhaps NOT cared for….which is everyone’s concern. But then, CARP have ‘demanded’ Doug Ford’s Min Of Long Term Care resignation/firing for six months now, to no avail, but the CARP Boss Mr Kravitz doesn’t stop insisting she be gone. Ditto for Andrea Horwath…non-stop! It’s Monday 9:45 AM…. ….and I’ve been trying trying to get my ASUS*tm (that’s my PC) ‘in gear’ since about 5:30AM….not counting several hours yesterday ayem and afternoon….and methinks I’ve b e e n hacked/whacked/smacked upside the head by some ‘evil force’….or maybe Rotzy ‘just screwed up bigtyme’, with nary an inkling/sign of what I had already written on Saturday. Anyway, going by the notes (scribblings) that I rely on in writing this “F/N” column, which I still do have access to, let’s see if we can get another 20 or 30 lines down in this space before something else goes wrong with my ASUS*tm.

Nice Try
….to Gary Bettmann and his NHL sidekicks for doing the ‘onward and upward thing’ for their dear/beloved fans by coming up with a changed format/schedule and playing real games….on TV. Well, almost ‘real’….the seats are empty, covered with huge coloured tarps, but the cheers, boo’s, oooohs and aaaahs are still there!!?? “Electronically generated’ if you prefer…..”canned’ crowd noise’ is Rotzy’s term, and it reminds me of television sit-coms from days gone by. Hand me the changer please. And if you’re olde as me, you might even recall (CHUM sports announcer Joe Crysdale doing ‘live’ broadcasts of Toronto Maple Leafs International League ”road games’….actually Joe was in a T.O. studio and getting the ‘pitch by pitch info’ over a teletype machine, with the ‘canned crowd noise’ playing along. And over, and over and over you’d hear the vendor guy yelling ”get your peanuts, popcorn and cold pop”. The NHL is not THAT archaic, but yours truly wants to see people in the seats! “

*Thought of the Day:   Ever wonder why you never see a headline “Psychic wins lottery?”

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