Dougie: dunce, dunderhead or just plain dumb?

Dougie: Remember these things when you consider voting for the Conservatives.

  1. “IRON RING” around Long Term Care homes….kind of rusted away as quickly as Datsuns did in the 1970’s
  2. Merilee Fullerton, Minister of Long Term Care, may be giving care to the wrong place
  3. Christine Elliot – stone deaf when health experts shout valuable advice
  4. Stephen Lecce – vacillation personified but the jurisdiction may be impossible to manage
  5. Vaccination rollout – Dougie’s phoning phone about product availability but he called the wrong number.
  6. Third-wave log down: policy ineptness perfectly demonstrated. Can such ineptness be real ?
  7. Third-wave: even police forces disregard govt decrees to enforce COVID restriction violators.
  8. Health experts: ‘Get outside;’ Dougie: ‘Outside facilities all closed to the public.’
  9. Gas pump Carbon Tax stickers promote Conservative Party.
  10. Vaccination hot spot designations depend on political contributions not infection rates or health experts advice.
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