Apr 26 – Rotzy’s kind of still feeling the effects of last weeks fuddled up column

Rotzy really got thrown for a loop last week…and the after effects are still lingering when you read his commentary about “Rules at Skyline living”

Sorry About Last Week….
….as to last week’s column being sent out from here at “F/N”HQ in bits and pieces/dribs and drabs/hunks,lumps and chunks, I still don’t know if my PC ‘issues’ were caused by some ‘unfriendly/external force'(?) or is Rotzy capable of screwing things up THAT badly all on my own, of course not needing a little help from anywhere or anybody! Yes I am. Capable. Of P/C screw-ups. As I said (to myself) “Well, Toad….you sure did it THIS tyme(!) and Eric K. bailed you out (somehow) by getting enough of your “F/N” shrapnel’ together to (somehow) come up with a column of reasonable length, tho my pumpkin was SO mucked up, I’m not sure about the “F/N” content….which apparently was not bad enough that I got canned. There ya go….the sun doesn’t shine on the dog’s ass all the tyme, right?

Who’s To BLAME?
….was the question yours truly was about to ask a week ago today….today being Sat April 23rd….when the lights went out in Georgia. The ‘blame’ for this mess called COVID….*note that I don’t say ‘COVID-19’ now due to the (growing) list of ‘Variants’….and everything that has anything to do with COVID. Except for whom and where it originated….a former president did that (”China.China.China.China.China.”) and it didn’t work so well for him. Neither am I talking about pointing fingers on a ‘world wide basis/scale’ nor is it about blaming anyone for their political affiliation/party. Face it people….these are NOT good tymes to be an elected/self-appointed politician anywhere in this world (ask India’s Prime Minister)….because no one knew COVID. We’re learning….some countries more so than others, but let’s look at The Dominion Of Canada….and, if you DO ‘favour a certain political stripe’, forget if for now, OK? Western Canada has its’ ups and downs, Alberta was a disaster a week ago, Maritimes are faring somewhat better, to the point that a couple or three Premiers are actually sending various forms of help to bail out the rapidly sinking SS Ontario. As to Doug Ford….used to be Rotzy had no use for him, as he reminded me of his late brother, but he’s done a decent job regarding the pandemium. Sadly, people are ignoring his facts/pleas/warnings….AND….new laws that were imposed. A week ago Fri he warned “We (Ont) are on our heels”! In his address yesterday he was reduced to tears. Well Doug, Ontario is NOT hearing you….or CHOOSING not to hear you! One piece of advice “From Nakina” Mr Premier, after re-thinking it….if I may, I suggest you give in to the CARP petition and fire your Min Of Long-Term Care. That will get the olde CARPsters off your back, not to mention NDP’er Andrea Horwath. Still with me Dougie? Then….you introduce your NEW Min of LTC….none other than Ms. Horwath!! Without telling her beforehand….’for effect’ if nothing else! I know, I know, I know….no Premier has EVER named someone from the Opposition as one of their Cabinet!! Think about it! You’ll be breaking new ground, these are ‘desperate tymes’ and Andrea is some kinda desperate herself. She’ll be blown away, will clam up silent as a church mouse, sitting on the ‘gov’t side’ at Queens Park….and that will be a good thing for everybody. Her being silent. **As to our head honcho…the Prime Minister Of Cda, The Honourable Justin Trudeau. Well, as to the “F/N” readership, I think/thought that a cross section of y’all wouldn’t lean all that strongly one way or t’other. But in virtually (there’s the ‘V’ Word) all categories….and especially regarding COVID, financial, vaccine procurement/distributing….he gets a large ‘F’….from one and all! I had/have no correspondence in his favour. Nothing. Zilch. Sorry J/T, you’re not liked very much. People calling you ‘Fluffy’, ‘Justine’, ‘Casper Milquetoast’ and cetera, plus stuff that I can’t mention here. Whatever. Sticks and stones, eh, Mr P/M?! Personally, aside from your totally disastrous record with anything/everything vaccine….more upsetting to Rotzy is your ongoing/ongrowing list of APOLOGIES, not even counting the one for ‘putting on brownface’ (that was just makeup for a play), but other BIG money gaffes/’sorries’ with Billy Morneau like that Trudeau-family-friendly ‘BE’ scam. Also, do you ‘spose it was/is his Missus who told him to go with the ‘John A MacDonald lookalike hair-do’? And, to Rotzy, his speaking voice is like fingernails on a blackboard….aside from the above, he’s not such a bad dude, eh? Plus, he clearly has his priorities lined up and HE wants to lead the world in the war on Global Warming/Climate Change…thru raising ‘carbon taxes’ of course….again. Meanwhile Ont recorded 4500 new COVID cases yesterday….and 27 deaths.

History Being Made….Today!
Sunday April 25/2021. This goes out to Nurse Pauline (not her real name) at the TH McKillip Clinic in Nakina; all of my/our family doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and cetera since circa 1980….none moreso than Nurse Jo Ann….ALL of whom have tried to talk this olde guy into going with a pill-pack for my meds. Today I made my ‘p/p’ debut….at age 76 (just turned)….disproving the ‘olde dogs/new tricks’ theory. Don’t ask me how/why, but my/our new pharmacist Baz (not his real name) suggested I make the switch last week, and Rotzy said ”OK”. Imagine.

Skyline Living Rules (*see below)
For those unaware, Skyline is the name of our ‘keepers’ (landlord) here at 555 Harris Place (along with two other buildings that make up this ‘compound’, not to mention countless others elsewhere) and in the title of this item ‘Rules’ (*see above) could/can be applied as a noun OR a verb…..go ahead and try it….see what I mean? Anyway, Skyline has a LOT of rules (n)….and the Resident Manager rules (v) the rules (n). So….SO….we’re ALWAYS getting notes/letters from them….8”x11”, folded in half, slid under your apt door, sometymes in an envelope if ‘security/privacy’ is required. And almost always they end with ”if you have any further questions, contact your Resident Mgr” or close to that. Sorry, we don’t have one here at #555….it’s going on to a year without anybody. When Miz. Jo and Rotzy arrived here Oct 1 2018 we had FOUR….two couples, so one of them was always ‘on duty’. One pair retired a couple years ago….not replaced by anyone….and the other couple departed early last fall…..also not replaced. Hello?? A handful of people have come and gone. but NOT managers. So….SO….I returned a couple letters last week into the office mail slot, and where it said ‘contact your Resident Manager’, I wrote ”and whom might that be”?, added Unit 303 and my signature. We didn’t get any kind of written reply, but last mid-week a lady staffer from #535 politely asked me to contact her or her husband for any repairs, help or problems we might have pop up. ‘Fine by me’ I said, altho she knew not when the new manager(s) were starting. Anyway, as to rules as a noun….they have too many of them here at #555….WAY too many. Some make sense, some make little sense, some make no damn sense at all. Others, taken at their word value, may have the reader questioning the IQ of the writer. Sometymes there is NO rule (n) where there SHOULD be. Bottom line is that Skyline Living rules (n) are there for a reason and yours truly is a firm believer that all rules are made to follow. To a ‘t’. OK. OK, OK, OK….I lied! Rotzy just MIGHT be inclined to bend/twist/tweek/adjust a rule which just doesn’t quite work/make sense….very, VERY subtley of course so as to not make waves. Failing that tried and true method, in all likelihood I’d be leaning toward toward the olde ‘S–t Happens’! route.

*Thought Of The Day…I think today’s young people need to start worrying about what kind of world they’re leaving for me and Keith Richards. (Willie Nelson)

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